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Office Projects

Istanbul Trade University

Istanbul Commerce University is designed with the help of architectural support facilities by our management team, office staffs of teaching staff and educational furniture in order to get a more comprehensive education of the high number of students of Istanbul Commerce University and assembly works on related departmental units were provided.

The Istanbul Commerce University requested that we provide our services by trusting that our architectural studies were carried out in a way that the various needs of the trainers and students could reach to better areas and accordingly receive better education. All the evaluations have been made in order to fulfill the requests in the best way and the architectural supports are additionally provided by considering the area of ​​the area to be installed in the relevant university.

Burotime Office Furnitures have facilitated our work during the design and comfort of our products. Buser Project, the leader in Turkey's education sector, is able to achieve better position and many educational furniture will be built for usability. For this reason, the study of office furniture according to the main needs of the instructors in the administrative units belonging to the school or the administrators in the management board has been completely done by us. Depending on the employment status of the people, many of their main needs can be achieved through the most useful office furniture.