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Education Projects

Kaspi College

In Kaspi College, known as one of the most important colleges in the Azerbaijan region, we have provided them with a wide range of work that will answer the requests they have determined. As a result of being among the education on the name of the college, we have got a taste of the people by making a professional interior architecture study that the students can get a better service and the education furniture to be used can be in a better position. We have been working on delivering all the materials determined by our logistics transportation on time and fulfilling all the requests of the people with our expert personnel in the form of solution partners.

We were able to prove the architectural work we have done with the idea that the executive offices are college offices by designing the furniture. We have provided quite good work to Kaspi College in Azerbaijan to be more professional and elite with our main activities which are quite comprehensive. By providing all kinds of materials for the students to use in the class 1 class, we have made it possible for the students to be trained in better materials. We called security first in the installation of the laboratory systems. We thought the finest details for the safety of our students. We have created meeting rooms in order to provide better service for the management and to enable the meeting to be held in a more comfortable way for those who are interested in discussing the problems that may arise. By keeping the meeting room wide, we were able to make it easier for people to sit. By meeting each manager's different needs in the best possible way, we have set up every manager's own needs in this concept.